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No matter who is reading these lines right now, we want to inform you that you have landed at the website of the ‘d’ class of alumni 2003 …. High School ‘Acad. Nikola Obreshkov’, Bourgas. We do not want to know what the reason for your visit is. However, what we are concerned with is your having a nice time while you are here. We have made it possible for you to see from as close as you can the whole atmosphere that used to be while we were still students of this high school. You can also be informed about the things that have happened to each of us since his or her graduation. Yet, if there is something that has remained hidden from your view, you can visit our forum. Have a nice time!!!???
/ To those people who didn’t use to be a part of our class/

And you, my classmates…. as far as you are concerned, we think that it is a place where each of us could call to his or her mind all the passed years, and the funny things that happened to us then. Besides, the forum is the perfect place where we can be up-to-date with the latest information, and keep ourselves in touch with one another no matter where we are at the very moment.?