On behalf of my dearly loved XII ‘D’ class I would like to share with you our excitement on the day when we’re leaving this high school.

At the very beginning I’d like to tell you that we do not consider it necessary to give our class a title ‘The most …’ for I doubt it whether there is such a title that would be accepted openly by the majority of the class. That does not mean that the image of XII ‘D’ class of the alumni of 2003 will remain vague. Just the other way round! We are the class in which high spirits and inborn intellectual capacity reign. It would be naive if someone denied that there were no arguments and clashes between us. At times our individualism would dominate for a while, but even then we would find the way to the compromise. Twenty-seven purely specific characters that belong to people who have many and various talents, tastes and interests – these are the outlines of XII ‘D’ class. That is why we are so bold and brave in our contention that there’s no such a man that would find it impossible to find kindred souls of his or hers if put in the creative and cordial atmosphere of the class.

On the day when we entered PMG, each of us was on the mark, having deep inside his or her heart a great deal of enthusiasm, many expectations and the faith that he or she would be a part of the most prestigious high school in the town of Bourgas. During the passed six years, that faith did not abandon us. Contrariwise, it grew stronger due to the wonderful teachers’ staff that gave to us, as well as we gave to them, the key to a lot of truths, not only from the boring textbooks, but also from the real life. We have proved to most of our teachers that we are good at establishing nice student-teacher dialogues on subjects interesting mainly for the students, especially during those 40 minutes time, called a period. It was during that time that the talk concerning universal themes was at its best. / We all have become more disciplined, wiser, and more tolerant. PMG became our second home, and our teachers and classmates were our adoptive family in which one could feel the friendly spirits. That is the reason why we would like to say to all our teachers, who taught us through the years, that we estimate highly the fact that they were beside us and managed to combine their high professionalism with their nice and friendly attitude towards us. Thank you!

In the last few days as students in PMG, we turn ourselves to those who we believe will replace us with dignity on the timber tables and desks. / Do not let go the good opportunity to give a lot from you during the next few years and to learn a zillion things, because I have that firm belief that you’ll get a lot, too. And if you succeed in combining the seriousness of the studies with a decent portion of entertainment, then in the near future you will find out what lucky bastards we were. And we still are.

Well, I have talked enough! All the rest we’re gonna prove with deeds…